About Us

RumeliDE Journal of Language and Literature Studies began publication in 2014 in the field of language, literature, theatre, communication, folklore, culture, translation, language and literature education; Academic, scientific and research-based articles. It is an internationally vigorous, open-access journal.

Publication language is Turkish; however, articles written in most of the world languages (Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Georgian, Armenian, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese written languages) are also accepted. It is scanned in the Social Sciences index. It is published six a year (21 February- 21 April- 21 June-  21 August- 21 October- 21 December) in electronic format (www.rumelide.comhttp://dergipark.gov.tr/rumelide) and in print. In addition, special numbers can also be published at intervals.